My SVI/Wilson 38 Super


This is my SVI/Wilson 38 Super open class gun.  This gun was built in the late 90's and was barely used.  I bought it in 2008 and rebuilt this gun from the inside out. 

This gun was built with a SVI frame, Wilson slide and Wilson 3 port comp barrel with Wilson internal parts, a firefly front sight, and a Champion rear combat carry sight.  A Schuemann .355 classic 38 Super Match bull barrel was fitted later, that I had to refit the lower lugs.  Frame was originally drilled for a Gilmore red dot.

Here is a list of what I have done to it.

  • 1.75 lb Trigger

  • SVI Tri-glide Trigger, Sear, Sear Spring, Disconnector, Square Hammer, Magwell, and Enos Top Curve Trigger Bow

  • EGW Titanium Mainspring Cap and Hammer Strut

  • ZM/Dawson Blued Steel Mainspring Housing

  • Dawson Basepads and Hyperdrive extended firing pin

  • Nowlin 19.5 lb Main Spring & 14 lb Recoil Spring

  • Les Baer Ambi Safety

  • Burris Fastfire Red Dot with a Bomar mounting plate

I have tunned the extractor for 38 Super Comp and 38 Super.  The ambi safety took me about 8 hours to fit the radius correctly.  The extended firing pin fixed all of my problems with light primer strikes using rifle primers.  I have started using 9.2 gr of VV3N38 loaded to 1.250 OAL with a Montana Gold 124gr JHP and starline 38SC brass.

I use Infinity 140MM and 170MM mag tubes with SVI competition followers and ISMI STI springs with Dawon +1 S.N.L. base pads for the 140 tubes and Dawson+1 base pads for the 170 tube.  This combination of mags work great holding 22 38 SuperComp rounds in the 140 tubes and 28 38 SuperComp rounds in the 170 tubes.  I also have 2 STI 140MM mags that came with the gun that hold 21 rounds with stock STI followers, but I plan on changing those to SVI followers and have a Dawson competition follower to test. 


Authored by Luke M. Alcorn.
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Revised: Sunday February 22, 2009 .