My Custom Para Ordnance P16-40

This is my P16-40 Limited.  I have totally rebuilt this gun from the inside out.  Here is a list of what I have done to it.

  • 1.5 lb Trigger

  • STI Trigger, Sear, Titanium Mainspring Cap and Hammer Strut and Tungsten Guide Rod

  • SVI Hammer and Sear Spring

  • Dawson Magwell and Basepads

  • Gun Craft Extended Mag Release and Button

  • EGW Fiber Sight

  • Ed Brown Main Spring Housing

  • Wolf Variable Power Recoil Spring

  • Nowlin 19.5 lb Main Spring

  • Les Baer Ambi Safety

  • Grip Tape

I have had many problems with the EGW sight, but I have found a work around to the problem and will post pictures of it when I can.  The problem was with the fibers always breaking or flying out, so instead of gluing them in, I drilled the sight completely through and just melted the fiber on both side to hold it in, no glue.  This has worked well and the fiber has been in there for 5 years and no breaking or problems.

I also use a single 140MM STI for para mag tube with a Dawon +1 base pad.  This mag will not slide lock, but is fast for reloads due to the tapered neck.  Unfortunately, STI does not make these tubes for para's any more.


Authored by Luke M. Alcorn.
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Revised: Sunday February 22, 2009 .